Enterprise Customer Software Whitelisting Program

The 'Enterprise Customer Software Whitelisting Program' is a program offered to approved Symantec Enterprise customers allowing them to participate in Symantec's Quality Assurance (QA) processes. The goal of the program is to mitigate the likelihood of false positives by Symantec endpoint products in the customer's environment.

Overview of White-Listing program »

This program is available to approved Symantec customers who are covered under an active BCS or Essential support contract.

Customers submit their files (typically a standard system image) to Symantec via a secure channel (i.e. ftp to a secure server, or by using a dedicated tool for this purpose provided by Symantec). Details on the submission process and secure account information will be sent upon acceptance to the program.

Joining the Program

All submitted content will treated as confidential under the terms of the Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in place between the customer and Symantec.

By submitting the files to Symantec, you grant Symantec the right to analyze all submitted files to ensure that none of them are malicious. Participants are expected to have made best effort to ensure that none of the files submitted to Symantec are malicious.

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