Software Whitelisting Request

Our software whitelisting program offers software authors and vendors the opportunity to periodically submit software for inclusion in the Symantec whitelist of known good software in order to reduce the possibility of false positives.

To submit software to the whitelisting program (undetected, clean software), please click below:

If your software is currently detected by Symantec and you wish to report this as a false positive, please click below:

To prevent false positive detections we strongly recommend that you digitally sign your software with a class 3 digital certificate.

Code signing from a recognized and trusted Certificate Authority provides explicit third-party confirmation of the publisher’s identity.

It also helps ensure the integrity of the application since it indicates that code has not been tampered with since the initial digital signature.

Our Symantec whitepaper discusses the topic further and includes details surrounding best practices for digitally signing your software.