Upload a suspected infected file (BCS)

Use the form below to upload a suspected infected file to Symantec Security Response.

This submission form is intended for BCS customers with a valid support ID number.

Users of Norton products may submit suspicious files to Security Response by using this submission form instead.

If you are submitting a file you believe to be clean, please use this submission form.

This submission form is SSL Secured.

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Please note the following guidelines for submissions:
• Uploads may be a maximum size of 20MB
• You may upload a maximum of 9 files in each submission by placing the sample files within a ZIP or RAR archive
• Uploads must not be password protected

URL of File

Please note the following guidelines for URL submissions:
• The URLs must start with http:// or https:// or ftp://
• The URLs must return a file in response.
• The file returned from the URL may be a maximum size of 20MB.
• If a container file (ZIP or RAR) is returned from the URL, it should not be password protected and may contain a maximum of 9 files.

Note: Files at the URL may be moved or altered by the owner of the URL and thus may be different for each download attempt. Due to these dynamics, coverage for these files is provided on a "best effort" basis.

If you wish the file to be handled as a high severity submission, please check
the following box and provide additional information in the field below.

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