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Report a Suspected Erroneous Detection (False Positive)

To report a false positive, please complete the form below. Upon submission you will receive a receipt via email with further details on the process. In the event the detection is determined to be invalid, we will adjust the detection and provide details on when updated detections will be available. Thank you for your submission.

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Step 1) Help us locate the software

A copy of the software/file being detected is required in order to resolve false positives.

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Please note the following guidelines for file uploads:
• Uploads may be a maximum size of 100MB Limitations
• You may upload a maximum of 9 files in each submission by placing the sample files within a ZIP or RAR archive
• Uploads must not be password protected. Password protected files cannot be processed.

Note: This process is for detected files only. Undetected files will not be processed.

Step 2) Tell us about the detection

Name of the software being detected:
Name of detection given by Symantec product: *
Important: File quarantine, product clipboard information or additional details:
If the information is more than 20000 characters, please create a log file and send that along with the file submission.

Instructions on how to restore files from Quarantine: Symantec Endpoint Protection | Norton Internet Security/AntiVirus/360

Step 3) Your details

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