Report a Suspected Erroneous Detection (False Positive)

Use this "wizard" to tell us about a situation where you believe that a Symantec or Norton product is incorrectly reporting a clean / good file or website as being a threat or malicious in some way. This is sometimes called a False Positive. Your answers to these three or four questions will help us get your report to the correct internal team to quickly review your report.

Please ensure you have read the following guidelines before making a submission
• Click here for SEP product guidelines.
• Click here for Norton product guidelines.
• Click here for Symantec Advanced Threat Protection product guidelines.
• Click here for Blue Coat Webfilter/ProxySG submissions.

When did the detection you are reporting occur?

A1 - When downloading or uploading a file

A2 - While using an application

A3 - When installing an application

A4 - When browsing the web

A5 - During a scheduled scan, or during a scan I requested

A6 - When sending or receiving email

A7 - While writing or reading files to/from a storage device

A8 - Don't know, am unsure, or the options provided do not apply

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